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op rod repair services

Why Live With Your Old, Worn, Bent, Out-of-Spec or Damaged Op Rod?

We have the experience and skill to rebuild your M1-Garand op rod to factory new specs.
We can also build new or repair "Tanker" Garand op rods,
as well as rebuild M-14 and M1 Carbine op rod guide lugs.

It's an Easy Fix!
Simply ship your op rod to us.

(We highly recommend insuring for full replacement value.)

We will inspect it on all points and provide you with our recommended repairs,
along with a total cost including insured return shipping.
The decision is yours as to which services you would like to have performed.

Standard turnaround time is approximately 4-5 weeks.

Click here to download an order form to start the process.

Interested in learning more about the creator of the M1 Garand? Click the image below to read all about him on our partner website


$63.00 ~ Standard (M1 & M1 "Tanker", Beretta BM-59)
$75.00 ~ Demilled*
$95.00 ~ Extended Length (M1, Beretta BM-59)

$25.00 ~ Oversized, reduce to .5260" dia. (M1 & "Tanker", Beretta BM-59)
$100.00 ~ Italian Beretta*

* Demilled Piston Tip
There are surplus op rods available in the market where the rods have been demilled by cutting through the piston. There will be an extra charge
to fill the notches the cut leaves in the tube. Some of the cuts leave notches which are significantly longer, those tubes can also be repaired for an additional charge.

* Italian Beretta Piston Tip
It is more difficult to replace the piston tips on the Italian Beretta op rod. These type of op rods can easily be identified by the holes on the side of the tube.

(M1, M1 "Tanker", M1-Carbine & M14, Beretta BM-59)
$63.00 ~ Receiver guide lug rebuild**

** For guide lug rebuilds, there will be a minimal visibly affected area of Parkerizing. When your rifle is assembled, this is visible to the very rear of the rod where the handle meets the guide lug and is from final hand finishing of the machining. There will be other areas of the Parkerizing affected, but they are to the inside toward the receiver and the very bottom toward the guide lug slot. We do not currently offer Parkerizing services.

This service is performed when mechanical repairs are made to an M1 Garand, or M1 "Tanker" op rod. This service is not available for the other types at this time. We do not offer straightening, tilt test or adustments for
M-14 op rods.

$25.00 ~ following other repairs
$44.00 ~ without other repairs
$38.00 ~ remanufactured op rod, following other repairs*
$63.00 ~ remanufactured op rod, without other repairs***

(Scroll down for more information on how to identify a remanufactured op rod.)

BOLT CAM SLOT TIP (M1, M1 "Tanker", M1-Carbine & M14, Beretta BM-59)
$38.00 ~ Bolt cam slot tip repair

$150.00 ~ 1st or 2nd oversize hone out-of-spec gas cylinder supplied, and install new piston tip on op rod supplied, to match

$150.00 ~ Build "Tanker" M1 op rod from supplied Standard M1 op rod

(Op rods supplied for conversion will need to be evaluated for other repairs. Other recommended repairs will be in addition to this charge to convert a standard op rod into a “Tanker”.)

$50 ~ Literally straighten a standard M1 op rod for use with Beretta-style low gas cylinder. Includes tilt test to ensure function with the drop-style gas cylinders.

$10.00 per op rod ~ Over the years, we have been sent op rods coated in cosmoline, heavy dried grease, and generally heavily soiled oil and grease when coming out of long term storage. When it is necessary, we are happy to clean op rods like this prior to repairs, but they will be subject to a cleaning charge. To avoid this fee, please make sure the rods are clean prior to shipping to us.

We make an effort to return op rods in the same packaging and often using the same shipping method by which the op rods were received. We use UPS or USPS and insure op rods for $250 each. Charges as follows:

$25.00 ~ shipping for one op rod
$35.00 ~ shipping for two op rods
$45.00 ~ shipping for up to five op rods

$55.00 ~ shipping for up to ten op rods

Shipping for larger quantities will be charged accordingly.

Please note: Prices are subject to change without notice. For credit card
or Paypal payments, an additional 3.5% convenience fee will be charged.

Remanufactured op rods are op rods which have had the original tube replaced with a new tube, then refinished, giving the appearance of a “new” rod. In most cases, these rods are not even close to being able to mount in an M1, so they require more time to properly contour. Pistons also appear to have been left oversized. As a result, completing these rods takes more work than a standard repair, which is why these op rods incur additional cost for gauge check, straightening and tilt test. The price for sizing an oversized piston for a remanufactured op rod is the same as
for a non-remanufcatured op rod.

The photos below provide examples to help identify remanufactured op rods. The irregular coloring just forward of the original weld adjacent to the saddle is the weld attaching the new tube. This example has been finished off smoothly in that area and reparkerized.

image of remanufactured op rod 1

image of remanufactured op rod 2

mage of remanufactured op rod 3

mage of remanufactured op rod 4

Please feel free to contact Mike Stacey if you would like more information.

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