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A Modern-Day Ornamental Lathe

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Ornamental Turning and Engine Turning

Ornamental turning and engine turning is a decorative wood cutting or engraving technique creating precise, intricate geometric patterns which are mechanically derived and machined into wood, plastic or engraved into metal products (guilloché), with very fine finish and detail. The mystery in the final design lies in the illusion created by altering the orientation of repetitive cuts of a singular pattern.

Ornamental turning originated in the 1500s, proliferating with European nobility. It was practiced commonly for pastime and profit thru the early 1900s to the end of the Victorian era to decorate a myriad of personal items such as top-of-the-line pocket watches, pens, lighters, cigarette cases, jewelry boxes, snuffboxes, hair and money clips, combs, wine goblets, furniture details, moulding and mosaic tiles and molded parts via the mold cavity.

The impact of WWI nearly extinguished the craft entirely.
Post-war, product trends and manufacturing entered the machine age giving rise to a new aesthetic of the time. Today, this mechanical art is experiencing a revitalization due to the ready availability of information about this gratifying art form’s techniques, materials, history and equipment.

Inspiring the revival of lost mechanical art....
through machines which honor past traditions.

In a joint partnership, David Lindow of Lindow Machine Works and Mike Stacey of Columbus Machine Works, Inc. present a modern-day, ornamental lathe reminiscent of the machines of the Victorian-era, which we have come to refer to as the MADE Ornamental Rose Engine.

We hope this beautiful machine will encourage inspiration and kindle new interest in this fascinating mechanical art and craft.

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